Everyone loves a good story. The Bible is a giant story spanning 66 books from beginning to end. It’s a living story that leaps off the page into our lives. And it’s GOD‘s story of His great love for us.

Our goal is to get everyone excited about this GREAT story in all 66 books! Learn the big idea in each of these books.

                                         Meet Patrick

as he gets hooked into Genesis and                                                              begins his travels through the Bible!

   Yikes! Beware of that snake!



In Joshua, Patrick feels the earth

thunder and crash

as the people of Israel enter the Promised Land.



           In Luke, he learns why Jesus has to die on the cross.


In John, he witnesses the Resurrection!

  And that is just a sample of the fun.

Join Patrick on his journey, and you too can visit all 66 books of the Bible and learn the big idea of each book. There is a surprise on every page!

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Hooked on the book -First Chapter from Liz and Jack Hagler on Vimeo.