Vacation Bible School Games and Ideas

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is such a fun way to pass the long summer days for little kids. Most churches have at least one week of VBS in a summer.

Just the decorations alone usually take weeks of preparation by many church volunteers and they are able to transform rooms into themed paradises. One of the other draws of a VBS is the loosely bible related  games that are played that are usually very active and memorable. Some examples of these games are listed below from a website that is full of VBS ideas called, Fun Vacation Bible School Games:

Baptism: Divide the children into groups of 5 or 7. Each group had a bucket of water, an empty pitcher, and a large sponge. The buckets and pitcher and sponge should be identical. I line the children up between the bucket and the pitcher. The person closest to the bucket loads the sponge full of water and passes it to the next done the line. The last person unloads it n the pitcher and passes it back to the bucket of water. This goes on until the pitcher is filled to a line or over the top. This works great on a hot day outside.

Healing the Blind: This game has a child with a blindfold on. Children will give verbal commands or shutouts to get the blindfolded child to successfully navigate to a safe area. Once there, another child is blindfolded an the child who just finished has to give the directions. Key: Proceed slowly.

If you aren’t able to make it to a VBS with your kids this summer because of some time conflicts, you can at least spend a day doing some of the above games and get their interest peaked in VBS for the next summer.

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