The Big Idea Of Acts Is The Story Of The Church



Luke wrote the book of Acts to provide the historical account of  the coming of the Holy Spirit. After Jesus ascension into heaven, the Holy Spirit empowered the beginning and expansion of the church.

Acts begins with the final days of Jesus with his disciples. Jesus is giving them directions to wait for the Holy Spirit to come into their lives. Jesus then ascends into heaven.

The Holy Spirit comes like wind and fire. He is the power of God bringing miracles and a powerful message by one of Jesus’s disciples, Peter, that brings the beginning of the church. Thousands respond and put their faith in Christ because of the Holy Spirit.

The rest of Acts describes the expansion of the church from Jerusalem to the whole known world.  Two significant events occur that brought about this expansion.

First, the Jews began persecuting the church and God’s people had to flee from Jerusalem.  They shared their new faith wherever they went and the church grew.

Second, the apostle Paul was converted from a persecutor of the church to a powerful evangelist. He went out to the world planting churches and training leaders.

In Acts, the love and power of Jesus was given to God’s people through the Holy Spirit and they spread the word of God everywhere.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

  1. The same Holy Spirit is available to all of us today.  Take some family time to decide how you can expand Jesus’ church by stepping out by faith in your community. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the love and power to do this as a family.

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