The Big Idea Of Amos Is The Story God’s Anger At Injustice



When God’s people ignore the needs of the poor in the name of religion, God gets angry at this injustice.

Amos was a shepherd and fig tree farmer in a little town.  That is why we called Amos in our book, Hooked On The Book, “The Shepherd Prophet”.  God called him to go up to the big city of Bethel to tell God’s people that living in fancy homes and acting religious was not fooling God and He was angry.

God’s people had become wealthy and prideful and full of evil.  Amos first spoke out against all the surrounding nations and how they would be judged for their wickedness and injustices.

Just about the time that God’s people began thinking they were better than their neighbors, Amos turned his attention to their sin and prophesied that God would judge them.  God was angry that they worshipped idols, ignored the needs of the poor and play acted at being faithful to God.

Amos told them about a series of visions God gave him concerning the future judgment of God’s people (locusts and fire) and that they should turn back to God before it was too late.  Unfortunately the people ignored Amos.

Key New  Testament Kid’s Application:

Being faithful to God is not about what you do or look like on the outside. It is about what is going on in your heart.  Jesus said that He would send His Holy Spirit to come and live in our hearts.  Remind your kids that the Holy Spirit puts the “want to” in our hearts to follow God.  Pray with them and ask God to put the “want to” in their hearts to do the right thing.

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