2-By-2 Across The United States

Two families have spent their summer biking across the United States.  The four adults and eight children are not only biking the distance of 4,000 miles but also biking on tandem bikes.  Clark Schroeder, the father of one of the families, explains in an interview  that this trip was not only a dream eight years in the making but also that the families had four goals for the trip-  “…to strengthen their relationships through teamwork; to develop character through discipleship…; to plan and accomplish dreams…; and to share Christianity throughout the country…” (Traveling 2-by-2 cross- country).  The families began their journey in Yorktown, Va and will be finishing up soon in Astoria, Ore.

If you would like to read more about the families’ trip check out Janice Kurbjun’s article “Traveling 2-by-2 cross-country”.  Here’s the link:


This story would be a great one to share with your family because it is really awe-inspiring!  These families goals really make you think through what are your goals for the things you do.  After sharing this story maybe ask your kids to think of the activities they are doing now.  Then have them think through what goals they have for each activity.

Maybe next time you take a family vacation you could think of activities you would like to do as a family that could be an opportunity to learn important things like teamwork, and accomplishing hard tasks.


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