The Big Idea Of 3 John Is To Encourage Hospitality To God’s Traveling Messengers




John wrote this little letter called 3 John to commend Gaius for practicing hospitality to traveling Christians and to condemn Diotrephes for not doing it.

John had heard a report from some traveling evangelists that Gaius had welcomed them in and helped them in sharing God’s message.  The report also said that Diatrophes was prideful leader and was refusing to receive God’s messengers and threatening those who did receive them.

John writes to commend and encourage Gaius to keep up his good works toward the traveling messengers of God and to condemn Diatrophes for his selfishness and hindering of God’s truth.

John tells them that he is going to come soon and deal with this problem in person.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

  1. Look for an opportunity to have a missionary stay in your home or at least take them out for a meal.  Involve your children and let them know that God has asked us to give hospitality to those who travel and give out God’s good news.

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