3 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Share Their Money With God

Cartoon- Kids Sharing

Cartoon- Kids Sharing

Have you ever thought why is it so hard to teach your kids to give? Especially to God? Well here are three ways to bring back the joy of that blessing in your kids lives. 

1. Talk about the privilege of giving. So many times we talk about practical ways to give,  which is wonderful. I’m all for practical but if our hearts don’t really get the grace of Jesus and we are still under the law then we will never enjoy it. God is more concerned about our heart.   If we say things like, “Wow, I can’t believe how fun that was to give to (BLANK). I am so glad that I get to be a part of that project.” Let our kids see the joy of giving in our life. 

2. Find things that relate to your kids that them might want to give to. If it relates to their life, they will think it is more fun.

3. Help them to see money as a tool and not to adore it or be afraid of it. Kids that feel a sense that they can make money  can move forward to give because there is alway more out there. Show them positive examples of businesses that give and bless the world and change many lives. 

If you enjoyed these thoughts, check out Hooked On The Book. Another way to bring bag the fun in teaching kids about the bible and its wisdom principles. 


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