5 Things That Will Surprise Your Kids When They Read The Bible.

Girl That Loves To Read- Illustration

Girl That Loves To Read- Illustration

The Bible has surprised people throughout every generation and in every part of the world. Here are 5 of those surprises that your kids will experience:

1. Almost anyone can understand it.  It is written for the most part in plain language and is full of stores for the common man.  It is written in language your kids would hear on the playground or at school.

 2. It is full of stories.  It is not a textbook.  It can be studied and taken apart, but it was written to tell the story of God’s relationship with mankind.

 3. It tells the whole story about good and evil and doesn’t sugar coat the world we live in.  Our kids are exposed every day to evil in our world.  When they read the Bible they see that this isn’t anything knew.  It will help them see why the world is the way it is and that God is still in loving control.

 4. They will find people who struggle with things just like they do in the Bible.  Although there is a final ‘happy ending’ to the Bible, in between we find real imperfect people who make mistakes, pick themselves up with God’s help, and make mistakes again.

 5. Your kids will find a God who loves the unlovable and never gives up on His people.  God is not far off and standing there with a BIG stick.  He is close and want to have a relationship with your kids.

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