Three Ways To Teach Your Kids To Appreciate Your Pastor

Cartoon- A Pastor's Family Portrait

Cartoon- A Pastor's Family Portrait

Three Ways To Teach Your Kids To Appreciate Your Pastor.

Having been a pastor and his wife for a period of time we have a few ideas on this subject. Here are three of them.

1. Teach your kids that pastors are people that need encouragement just like everyone else in the church. On a special holiday, encourage your family to make him a card and write down all of the things they appreciate about his ministry and his family.

2. If you as family talk about the sermon after church, be sure and talk about it in a balanced way. No one has all of the answers about how God works, so give the pastor grace over his sermon. Teach your kids that you can disagree with a person’s ideas without cutting them down as a person. God give us all grace as we learn His ways. Teach your children this grace by your example of extending grace to your pastor.

3. Offer as a family to serve your pastor’s family while they are on vacation. Some examples might include offering to feed their dog, water their plants, loan them your cabin or even your tent. Your kids will learn that everyone needs encouragement to take a break. Remember, no one can be “on” all of the time.

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