The Big Idea Of Genesis Is The Story Of 3 Beginnings


The Beginning of Sin

The Beginning Of Sin

There are 3 beginnings in the book of Genesis; the Beginning of the World and Mankind, the Beginning of Sin and the Beginning of God’s Special Nation

The Beginning of the World and Mankind – If there is a beginning, there must be a ‘Beginner’.  Genesis teaches us that God began everything.  He is the one who decided that He would create the world, living creatures and mankind.  He made the world and every star and planet in the universe.  He populated our world with living creatures and crowned that creation with man.  God placed man and woman in the garden and there they could have a loving relationship with Him and with all of creation.

The Beginning of Sin God provided man with the choice to continue their friendship or not.  From God’s side, his requirement for this intimate friendship was that man and woman display their trust in God by obeying Him.  God said they could eat from every tree in the garden except one.  Man and woman chose to trust satan instead and disobeyed God  by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  At that point their friendship with God was broken and God drove them out of the garden.

The Beginning of God’s Special NationGod’s intention was to restore His friendship with mankind and He chose to do it through a special nation (the nation of Israel).  Through Abraham and Sarah he raised up a nation of people that He would protect and bless.  He promised Abraham and Sarah that eventually their seed (Jesus) would be a blessing not only this special nation but to all mankind.  This nation is the beginning of the restoration of the relationship of God to man that Jesus finally come to meet all requirements and eventually to die as the perfect sacrifice to save us from the curse of the Beginning of Sin.

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