The Big Idea Of Exodus Is The Story Of God Saving His People

The Bible Book Of Exodus- Illustration

The Bible Book Of Exodus- Illustration

God continues the story of the Old Testament in Exodus by saving His people.  First saving them from a brutal slavery in Egypt to freedom living with God in their midst and then giving them instruction and training on how to live this saved and free life.

                   God’s Saves His People From Slavery

400 years after the book of Genesis ends, we pick up the story of Exodus.  The nation of Israel was a favored nation in the eyes of Pharoah when the first arrived in Genesis, but now it is 400 years later the little band of Israelites has grown from just a few to millions.

This Pharoah of Exodus doesn’t remember that the Israelites were favored, he is afraid to of them and has put them to work at very hard labor building cities for him.  God hears the cry of His people and sends a deliverer (Moses) to save them from their slavery.

No wonder the book is called Exodus, it means ‘Exit’ and that is just what the nation of Israel did after a series of 10 plagues that finally convinced the Pharoah to heed Moses’ famous words, “Let my people go”.

 God’s Instructs His People 

That you Live the Saved Life by Trusting Him

Once the nation of Israel is safely away from the Egyptians, they face a series of faith opportunities to either trust God or not.  They choose to trust God to walk through the Red Sea but fail to trust God when He opens the door to the promised land.

After that God has them wander in the desert.  During that time God teaches them in Exodus His laws about staying in relationship with Him and with one another.  The basis for those laws is called the 10 commandments.

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Key New Testament Application:

Reminds kids that God no matter where they are, God is there and if they cry out to Him He will hear them and help them.

God has provided His rules to your kids, just like you do as parents, to help us lead happy, healthy lives.

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