The Big Idea Of Numbers Is The Story Of God’s People Wandering For 40 Years In The Desert Learning To Trust God.

The Bible Book of Numbers- Illustration

The Bible Book of Numbers- Illustration

In the book of Numbers, God’s people wander in the desert for 40 years on the way to the Promised Land.  In Leviticus they were instructed how to live holy lives and to trust God.  In Numbers they get to practice doing it in their community.

Can you imagine living with several million people day after day and trying to follow all of God’s laws and trusting God for food and water?  God gave the people an opportunity to go directly in to the Promised Land after only 11 days if the journey.  When they sent in 12 spies to look at the land all they could see were giants living in the land and they wouldn’t trust God that He could give them the victory over the giants.

        God’s People Needed Practice Learning To Trust

So God told them that they would wander in the desert without going into the Promised Land until the whole current generation was dead and He had raised up a new generation that would trust Him when they fought to conquer the Promised Land.

God provided food, water and clothing for 40 years for all His people while they wandered in the desert.  It was a long journey, but the people learned that they could trust God.

Key New Testament Application:

Remind your kids when they have a tough day  that they can trust God. Just like God’s people in Numbers, He will give them the strength to go through tough things if they trust Him.

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