The Big Idea Of 1 Samuel Is The Story Of God Establishing the Kingly Line For His People



The story of God’s people switches gears from the era of Judges to the era of Kings. Samuel is the last Judge to rule over Israel, but the people cry out for a king so that they can be like the other evil nations around them.  By doing this, they are rejecting God as their true king, but since God is the ultimate author of this story, He grants their request all the while knowing that eventually He will bring His people their true king, Jesus.

There are 4 major characters in this story:

Hannah – a childless woman who cries out to God for a son and promises to commit him to God’s work.  God provides her with Samuel.

Samuel – is the last Judge and a prophet who is greatly admired by all of God’s people.

Saul – a tall and handsome man chosen by God and anointed by Samuel to be the first king of Israel.   Although Saul looks the part of a king, he is also very human and shows by his anger and poor choices why the people should never have rejected God as their king.

David – a shepherd boy who is destined to become King in second book of Samuel.  David comes on the scene when he kills the evil Philistine Goliath.  Saul is attracted to David but afraid of him because of his popularity and Saul tries to kill David over and over.  God protects David and David flees from Israel until Saul dies.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

Remind your kids that Jesus is their king and they can follow Him anywhere because He is a good and faithful king.

1 Samuel reminds us that God can even use evil desires of people and turn them around to accomplish his will.  Even in tough times your kids can trust that God will make good of it.

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