A Fork In The Road- Listening To God

fork in the road

We all have them.  Something that happens in our lives that becomes a fork in the road for us.  When the path we were walking is no longer the right road and we choose for something new.  Most of us will have many of these throughout the journey of our lives.  The two questions are, will we recognize these ‘fork moments’ and will we choose the new path?

The difficulty of recognizing these ‘fork moments’ is that they are not always obvious.  It could be in a moment of prayer that God speaks, it could be the pain of a physical ailment, a moment of triumph, a lost relationship, a realization of personal power… and the list goes on and on.  At the end of the day, it is the depth of our daily walk with Jesus that will either light the new path for us or leave us in a fog of obscurity.

The second question is somewhat easier to recognize, but hard to follow.  Once we recognize the fork, will we take it?  If the choice was easy it wouldn’t be a fork.  Again it is all about our intimacy with Jesus and our level of trust that even a seemingly hard path will turn out for our good.  Do we really believe that Jesus will walk the path with us and that is enough?

How we answer these questions will shape the remainder of our lives here on earth.  What forks in the road is going leading you towards today?  How will you respond?

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