A Free Bible Video- The Acts of the Apostles

Now you have the wonderful opportunity with your family to watch a verse by verse movie about the Bible book of Acts. It’s free on You Tube.

It is great for those who can’t read, home schoolers, Sunday schools, House churches, and family devotionals.

This video is one of three movies in the Visual Bible series produced by GNN International: The Gospel of John, Matthew and Acts. All are word-for-word dramatized DVD Bibles for children and adults.

Follow Luke the Physician (Dean Jones), as he tells the experience at Pentecost. Using the New International Version of Acts we gain new insight into the power of the book.

Listen to what others are saying about this movie.

“The Visual Bible is an excellent reason for the whole family to sit down together and watch television. This is a superb tool for teaching Jesus to both children and adults alike. With lots of action by familiar faces and beautiful scenery, it is a realistic and truthful portrayal of the Scriptures.”
Chuck ColsonPrison Fellowship Ministries
“The Visual Bible is unique and great. We like it.”
John R. CortsBilly Graham Evangelistic Association

Thank you GNN International for this great free Bible video.

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