A Fun Activity To Remember The Big Idea Of Exodus

Red balloon

Red balloon

The big idea of Exodus means “exit.” God empowers his people to exit Egypt and the hard life that was causing them suffering. They now had the chance to follow Moses and go into God’s promised land.

In this activity help the children to understand by the power of God they can exit those things in their lives that cause them suffering, bad habits, lying, being critical, biting their fingernails, etc. Have them be specific and pick one thing.

Get a bunch of red balloons and give each child one. Have them stretch and pull the neck of the balloon to loosen it up. Then encourage them to close their lips around the mouth of the ballon and blow. If they get dizzy from lack of air have a balloon pump avalaible.

Have them blow up their balloons until they seem full, then help them let out a little air so they can stretch the neck around two fingers and roll the mouth through the loop, making a knot.

Once everyone’s balloons are done, hand out sharpie permanent markers so they can write down on the ballon the one thing that they want to be done with, exit. Talk about how we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. God’s people followed Moses to exit the land where they were slaves. We can follow Christ to exit those things in our lives that don’t bless our lives. ” I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Next have them pop their balloons and them repeat “I can exit _______ through Christ who strengthens me”.  Then have them dump the balloons in the trash because they are done with them.  They now can celebrate that they have left behind this vice and are free. Encourage them to walk in freedom and share this freedom with one friend.

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