A Fun Craft Project To Remember The Big Idea of Genesis-The Book Of Beginnings

Tree Illustration

Tree Illustration

The big idea of the book of Genesis is “beginnings”. Here is a craft idea to get your class to remember this concept.

First, cut out strips of paper that looks like leaves and give each child a bunch of leaves.

Have them write on each of their leaves one thing that began in the the garden of Eden.

Read the verses of Genesis 1 as the kids work. Use a child friendly translation.

Have them be specific as to the type of tree, animal, etc. that began in Genesis.

Take each child’s leaf and pin it around an illustration of a tree trunk on a bulletin board.  It should look like a full tree on the wall.

Put a sign above the tree that says “Genesis means beginnings”. Everything has a beginning. Even a tree. Talk about how a tree begins from a seed but then it grows into a tree. Just like all the things in the garden of Eden began there, and now we have them all over the world.

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