A New Way Of Discipline

K-Love’s DJ, Amanda Carol, shared a story today of a mother who came up with a new way of discipling her children.  Her two daughters were suppose to be going for a swim in the pool but instead they went swimming unattended in the river.  When they came home they were grounded and given the stipulation that until they came up with a way to serve or do something nice for someone else they would stay grounded.

Later that day she saw that the girls had decided to do a lemonade-stand in their front-yard.  The mom noticed that when people came they would pay with large bills and not get any change back.  The mom went outside to see why and when she got there she saw the girl’s sign that said, “All proceeds go to our Dad who is a recovering cancer patient”.

This is a unique and sweet story.  The thing that really sticks out is the punishment that the girls received.  I really like the idea that instead of the girls just being punished they get to serve others and realize that life really isn’t all about them.  Maybe next time your kid disobeys give them the opportunity to serve others.


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