A Reminder Of God’s Goodness When Life Is Crazy!

Ever have moments when the little things just get to you?  The stresses of the day just add up and you feel completely frustrated and overwhelmed.  Or maybe its just annoying things like losing your keys or getting stuck behind a slow truck when you are running late.  Yesterday I had one of those moments.  I was having a great day when suddenly my computer froze and died.  I was so frustrated so I drove to the Mac store to try to get it fixed.  As I was going along a song came on the radio that reminded me of how great my life is in Christ and I have no need to feel so frustrated.

Francesca Battistelli’s song “This is the Stuff” is perfect for when life just seems ridiculous.  Her simple and straight forward lyrics serve as a great encouragement to take a moment and get some perspective.

This is the stuff

Here is a link to it on youtube.  Check it out!


This is a great thing to learn as parents so that we can pass it on to our kids.  If the little things do not overwhelm us, then our kids will learn they also don’t have to be overwhelmed by their little messes!

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