Abishai – Teaching Kids Key Life Learnings from 100 Biblical Characters – No. 50

Abishai The Bible Character

What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Abishai?

Context (1 Samuel 26 – 2 Samuel 23):  Abishai was the younger brother of Joab, who was the commander of David’s armies.  Together they had many brilliant victories.  Abishai is known for his fierce loyalty to king David.

Key Life Learnings:

We all need a faithful friend to support us in treachorous times (1 Samuel 26:6-25):  When David was being chased by Saul and his army, David needed his faithful friends.  One day David’s spies found out where Saul’s camp was.  David asked for someone to go with him to sneak into Saul’s camp at night.  It was dangerous duty and Abishai immediately spoke up and said that he would go.  When they reached Saul’s camp, they found Saul sleeping with a spear stuck in the ground next to his head.  Abishai was in favor of killing Saul right then and there, but David said that he would not kill God’s chosen king.  God would take care of Saul at the proper time.  Abishai listened to David and they left Saul’s camp but took with them the spear to show Saul that they could have killed him.

We all should have friends like Abishai who will walk with us through tough times and support us in our tough decisions.

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Ask your kids who their best friends are.  Ask them what they have done to support their friends in tough times or how they have been supported.  Thank God for those friends together.  Have them write a comment here about supporting others or how they have been supported in tough times.  This is your chance to encourage others and thank God.

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