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The Bible Animal Storybook

The bible stories told from the animals perspective.

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  1. Paula Fonger says:

    Dear Ms. Hagler,

    I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful yours and Thomas Womack’s book “The Bible Animal Storybook” is and what it has meant to our now grown children and the grandchildren of many of our friends. The illustrations are amazing and the stories themselves so beautifully told. I have purchased so many copies I have lost count. And I would like to purchase more but it seems the price keeps going up. I am assuming they are no longer being printed. Any chance that could change?

    I do hope you and Thomas will consider doing so. It would be such a shame if generations of children to come would
    not be able to enjoy such a beautiful telling of these stories because they cost $145.

    Our first child Jacquelyn is now 28, has special needs and lives at home with us. It was in reading
    your lyrical stories to her many years ago that she began to learn to read on her own. She still reads them
    with such enthusiam and awe at our great Heavenly Father.

    We thank God He used you and Thomas to produce such an excellent storybook for children. And we thank you for
    following His leading.

    God Bless you.
    Paula Fonger

    • Liz Hagler says:

      Thanks so much for the nice comments. Unfortunately there is no way to get more copies so sorry. I do have another book, Hooked On The Book out now, but all of the other books I have done are out of print.

      It is wonderful to know that people still are enjoying those pictures.I did them when my first born was 1 and she is now 25 and married. What fun to hear they are still being read.

      Again… thanks and blessings back to your family as well.


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