Are You My Mother? – A Christian Perspective

Are You My Mother

Are You My Mother? This classic children’s book was a favorite of our children.  But did you realize this book has a spiritual lesson that you can teach your kids?

This children’s book is story of a Mother bird sitting on a egg waiting for her baby to be born. She suddenly realizes that she doesn’t have anything to feed her bird when it is born so she leaves the nest to find some food. Of course the baby is born and looks around and there was no Mother. Thus the story proceeds as the baby bird spends the bulk of the book asking everyone from a kitten to a crane “Are You My Mother?” The story ends with the crane dumping the bird back in the nest and the Mother returning to give him a worm.

In utilizing this story to provide a spiritual message to share with our kids we can ask them what do you think the bird represents? How about he is like us. Wouldn’t it be scary to be born and not to have a Mother or Father to take care of us? We would wander around like this bird asking everyone the same question. Now most of us don’t have this problem like the bird but many people are looking around to find God’s love in the same way bird is looking around for his Mother’s love. They wander around trying to see if this person or thing will give them the love that only God can give. Just like the crane in the story made it possible for the bird to get back to his mother’s nest, so Jesus makes it possible for all of us to find God’s love.

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