Bible Stick Puppets

Stick Puppets

Danielle’s Place has come up with a really fun way of teaching sunday school stories.  Instead of the classic felt board why not have Bible stick puppets? You can also have your class make them which makes it super special because you can use their puppets to tell the stories.

Materials you will need:

1. Popsicle sticks

2.  Glue gun

3. Scraps of material

4. Scissors

5. Yarn

6. Markers

Check out the website for the patterns and details to make your own!

The website has a great idea for sunday school class.  If you do not want to have the kids make the puppets then make them before class. Begin the class reading a story from the Bible.  Then have your class get in groups of 3 and giving them each 10 minutes to practice.  Then at the end of 10 minutes have them perform for each others.

Any story in the Bible would be great for this but some classics that would work well are Jesus feeding the 5,000, Moses going up the mountain to get the 10 commandments, or Adam and Eve in the garden.

Just have some fun with it and your class will love it! Thank you Danielle’s Place!

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