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Verse Index Cards

Memorizing bible verses is such an important part of our Christian walk! It not only draws us closer to God but is also helps to us prepare for Satan’s attack. Furthermore, it is doing as Jesus did to hide God’s word in our heart.

For this reason I am constantly trying to find the most effective ways to memorize scripture individually as well as in a family unit. I have talked about a few ways in the past of trying to foster this learning especially with kids and I am now at it again.

One thing we have tried in my house is to have a napkin holder full of verses. These verse are on index cards on the dinner table so they are easily accessible during meals. The verses that are written on the cards can be ones each family member has chosen for the whole group to learn, or verses that all go with a certain theme. The ideas really are limitless on how to choose your verses, but the main idea for this is that each week one card it chosen and the family works on that verse at the end of each meal they have together.

It is best if the verses aren’t too long and it may help if there is some sort of picture representation for younger kids.

This is just one of the many great ways to help us learn the words of our God.

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