Bible Verse Painting

A fun and meaningful project you could do with your kids this school year is a Bible verse painting.  What you can do is have each of your kids pick out a verse that is special him or her.   Then you will create a painting with that verse on it to hang in their room or a special spot.

Our Family For His Glory, a family blog, has come up with this fantastic way of having family time.

Bible verse art

Materials needed:

1. Paper letters

2. Paint

3. Canvas

Cut the letters for each word of the verse out and place them where ever you want them on the painting.  Then once you put them on paint over them.  Your kids can do whatever they want.  Let them go crazy and just have fun!  You can use paint brushes, or your hands to do handprints.   The key is that they really like it.

Look at the website for letter patterns:

Once it is all finished give it time to dry and then have them choose the spot they would like to have it in.

Thank you Our Family For His Glory!

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