Bob And Larry-Stain Glass Windows

Bob and Larry Stain Glass

“I Can Teach My Child” has come up with a really fun VeggieTales craft to do with your kids-Bob and Larry stain glass windows!  What a fun project to do with your kids after school or on this fine Saturday afternoon.  It is fun easy and simple, perfect for young kids.

Here’s what you will need:


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. red and green streamers

2. clear contact paper

3. white paper

4. markers

5. laminator (optional)

For details check out the site! It is full of easy to follow along pictures, which makes everything so much simpler!

If you want to make this more of an event you could have some of your kids friends come over to watch a VeggieTales movie and then afterwards do this craft all together.

If you have Netflix you can get the movies there or check out the VeggieTales website to buy a few.

Thanks “I Can Teach My Child” for such a wonderful idea!

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