Brave Christian Movie Review

Disney’s Brave

On a past family vacation we all went to go see the new Disney movie “Brave”. I went into this movie thinking that it was going to be an Irish princess fairytale much like many of the other Disney female lead movies, where the girl learns some lessons along the way and then gets that guy in the end.

However this was not the case with this particular movie, it does begin with a strong headed girl who needs to have some hair product. This movie it built to instill to values of family and preserving those bonds at all costs.

While I did miss the musical numbers of many of the other Disney princess movies, there is a lot of beautiful scenery in this movie! It really displays the importance of the a strong mother daughter relationship and all the things that a mother and daughter can learn from each other.

One of the downsides of this movie as a Christian viewer is there is a significant amount of magic in the movie and there is also a witch. Merida (the main female character) goes to a witch to get a spell to change her mother so she won’t force her into an unwanted marriage. Eventually, through a spell gone back Merida’s mother is turned into a giant bear and the greater part of the movie is spent trying to turn her back into a queen.

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