Celebrating Freedom in Christ and Freedom in America

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Looking for a fun game that celebrates the 4th of July as well as shares the gospel? Good news, we found a teacher named Mary-Kate Warner that loves to teach kids the Bible through play and she has designed a game that does just that. Her games use simple items from the kitchen with easy to follow instructions.

Her game called “Jesus Bridge to Freedom” can be found on her website Teach Sunday School.

This game highlights the traditions of freedom that we celebrate on the 4th of July as well as the freedom that we have as Christians because of Jesus.

This game is designed for all ages and the materials are easy to find.

Here is what Mary-Kate suggests.

“For this game, you are going to use the American icon of the Grand Canyon to help children understand the power and freedom of Christ. To begin, line the floor with two strips of masking tape approximately six feet apart. Line the students up shoulder to shoulder on one side of the tape.”

She tells you to tell the student to imagine that they on one peak of the Grand Canyon and they need to get to the other peek because God is over on the other peak. See if you can jump to the other side without falling into the Grand Canyon. Have students see how far they can jump, then measure the jump. This helps kids to realize that by their own effort they will fall short.

Then take a small narrow rug or a large piece of cardboard, write a note on it the Jesus Bridge. Let kids walk over the bridge to the other side. This illustrates to them that Jesus is the bridge that lets us have  a relationship with God. Just like many men died for our freedom in America, Jesus died for our freedom so we could have a relationship with God.

Thank you Mary-Kate Warner for this great 4th of July learning game. Hope you check out her website at teachsundayschool.com. She also has an ebook with lots of ideas for more games that teach kids Biblical concepts.

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