Children’s One Year Study Thru The Bible – August 19, Ezekiel 21, A Divine Map

This one year study thru the Bible for kids is designed to hit the highlights and provide practical application. I encourage you to read the whole section of scripture (Ezekiel 21) while we focus in on just a few verses.

Background: The prophet Ezekiel ministered for 22 years to the Jews who had been already taken into exile in Babylon while their brothers left behind back in Judah were still rebelling against God. Ezekiel is a man of visions and writes of the judgement that Judah will experience and also God’s promises of restoration.

God instructed Ezekiel to make a map, but for what?

Ask the children…

What did this map symbolize?

“Son of man, make a map and trace two routes on it for the sword of Babylon’s king to follow. Put a signpost on the road that comes out of Babylon where the road forks into two— 20 one road going to Ammon and its capital, Rabbah, and the other to Judah and fortified Jerusalem.” (Ezekiel 21:19, 20)

Babylon’s king was going out to wage war, but on whom?  Would it be on the Ammonites or on God’s people in Jerusalem?

“The king of Babylon now stands at the fork, uncertain whether to attack Jerusalem or Rabbah. He calls his magicians to look for omens. They cast lots by shaking arrows from the quiver. They inspect the livers of animal sacrifices. 22 The omen in his right hand says, ‘Jerusalem!’” (Ezekiel 21:21, 22)

Ezekiel’s divine map and prophecy of what will happen shows how God’s divine hand can even guide the king of Babylon’s magicians to decide according to His will.  God has the future of all of us in His hands.

Ask your children if they believe that God is in charge of their lives?  What about today?  Is God in charge of that?  What about the next hour, ten minues, 10 seconds?  Is God in charge of those?  In light of that, how does that change the way that they should live?  Talk through your day ahead and give each part to God and ask for His divine direction and mapping of your lives.
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