Children’s One Year Study Thru The Bible – August 30, Daniel 9, Daniel’s Prayer Of Faith


This one year study thru the Bible for kids is designed to hit the highlights and provide practical application. I encourage you to read the whole section of scripture (Daniel 9) while we focus in on just a few verses.

Background: The prophet Daniel was taken captive as a youth and brought to Babylon to be trained as an advisor for the king. He prophesied during the Judah’s 70 year exile in Babylon. He confronted pagan king’s regarding God’s worldwide rule, intrepreted dreams and foretold the future.

Daniel was a man who studied the writings of God’s prophets.  When he read in the writings of the prophet Jeremiah that Judah would be in captivity for 70 years and then they would return to the Promised Land and Jerusalem would be restored, Daniel believed God and began to do something about it.

Ask the children…

When Daniel read this prophecy what did he do?

“So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and fasting. I also wore rough burlap and sprinkled myself with ashes.” (Daniel 9:3)

The rough burlap and ashes were a sign of recognition of personal sin and in this case national sin.  Daniel confessed for himself and his people their sin against God and asked for forgiveness and that this prophecy would come true.  How did God respond?

“As I was praying, Gabriel, whom I had seen in the earlier vision, came swiftly to me at the time of the evening sacrifice. 22 He explained to me, ‘Daniel, I have come here to give you insight and understanding. 23 The moment you began praying, a command was given. And now I am here to tell you what it was, for you are very precious to God. Listen carefully so that you can understand the meaning of your vision.'” (Daniel 9:22, 23)

God sent the angel Gabriel to answer Daniel and to give him understanding of the things to come.  In fact Gabriel gave Daniel a further vision of the timing of the coming of Christ.

Ask your children if it is difficult to wait for things?  Think of waiting for your birthday or Christmas and all that goes with them.  Well Daniel didn’t just wait.  He believed God and jumped in to become part of the solution, asking for forgiveness and repenting for His people.  Ask your children if they see any needs around them that by faith they can pray and be part of the solution for.

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