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Mrs. Grossman's stickers

Yesterday my daughter Jenna was teaching her normal summer dance class but this day was different. One little six year old girl threw a tantrum and screamed for an hour. Jenna was overwhelmed and exhausted as she was trying to teach a group of girls and this one girl was stuck on the screaming button.

Now Jenna seated this girl in another room and she could see through the glass but she would not calm down. When she did calm down, she could rejoin the group. Finally the tap class ended and Jenna asked the young girl what would it take for her to stop screaming and be ready to come back to the group’s next activity. The girl replied a sticker if I am good.

A simple sticker! What! Jenna then told her if she could control her behavior the rest of the day she would give her a sticker. When she came home she was laughing at how trained this child for the reward of stickers.

So… why not give this little girl a sticker about Jesus’s love. A chance to share something deeper with this girl that might stir up a conversation. We have found a wonderful selection of stickers from Mrs. Grossman’s company. She is a personal friend of my in laws and a wonderful Christian business women.

Be sure to check out her website and maybe even visit Mrs. Grossman’s  factory in Petaluma, CA  for a tour.  You never know if you’ll need a sticker to calm a child down. 🙂

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