Church In Movie Theaters

Church In A Movie Theater

National Community Church, in Washington D.C., meets weekly at the local movie theater each week on Sunday to praise the Lord together.  There are actually six different movie theater services in Washington D.C. that all make up this church.  One of them is even at the theater in Union Station.  The goal of this church is to be “a church for the unchurched” and so by having church in such a people populated area this is the perfect place to have it.

The Today Show did a clip about this unique church service last year on Easter.  If are interested in finding out a bit more information you can check out the website or watch the clip linked below.  Click on “Watch Now”.

Why is this information a good topic to discuss with kids? Well sometimes the format of church can become rigid, that a church can only be held in a “church building”.  This is just an example that Jesus is not a God of rigid rules and His followers can meet anywhere and bring Him glory.

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