Coffee Becomes A Jesus’ Ministry- The King’s Cup

The King’s Cup

Timothy Baptist Church has decided that in their small town of Muskogee they want to provide an alternative for college students.  The King’s Cup is a safe place for college students to come on the weekends and enjoy free cappuccinos, wi-fi, and live music.

Before in this town the only option for young adults on the weekends was to go to parties and get drunk.  Any other attraction was limited.  Timothy Baptist Church finally decided that they wanted to provide an alternative option.  That is what led them to starting The King’s cup.  It is just a place to come hangout, play boardgames, and drink some good coffee.

For the full article check out this website.  The Muskogee Phoenix has done a great job covering this topic!

This story is an awesome example of meeting the needs in your community and honoring God through it all!

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