Creative Way’s To Share The Love Of Jesus



Ok so your not into painting your teeth. But you have to admit, he was being pretty creative. I’ll bet you can think of some more ways to be creative in sharing Jesus’s love.  Just ask your kids.

Here’s three ways we have thought of  to stimulate those creative juices.

1. Take a giant sheet of butcher paper and a bucket of crayons. Now set a timer to 1 min. Ready, set, go. Everybody write or draw as many ways you can think of to share  Jesus’s love with your neighbors or family. When the timer beeps discuss the ideas and pick one or two to use in the next week.

2. Have everyone in the family put in a hat the name of person they care about. Now everyone draw out a name, then brainstorm how to bless those people this next month.

3. Call your local homeless shelter  to ask what kind of needs you could meet from shopping at the dollar store. Set a budget and go for it.  Gathering a group of friends together to do this project might be even more fun.

Remember our God is a creative God. Let’s use His creative gift to bless others in the name of Jesus!

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