David’s Mighty Men – Teaching Kids Key Life Learnings From Bible Characters – No. 51

David’s Mighty Men

What practical key life learnings can we glean from the lives of David’s Mighty Men?

Context (1 Samuel 22 – 2 Samuel 23):  While fleeing from Saul, David gathered together a group of men, mostly outcasts and outlaws, who became a powerful fighting force.  These men were fiercely loyal to David and together were able to defeat enemies with much greater numbers.

Key Life Learnings:

A great leader can bring together a lesser group to do great things (1 Samuel 22:1, 2):  When David had to go on the run to get away from Saul’s army, he was seen as an outlaw.  No law abiding citizen, other than some relatives, was going to follow David and oppose the king.  So David was left with rounding up the outlaws to be his fighting men.  These men were used to answering only to themselves and fighting only for causes that would benefit them.  David was able to inspire them to be connected to a cause that was greater than themselves and to be committed to one another.  They would do anything for David and risked their lives for him daily.

 Get Hooked On The Book today 

Ask your children what causes are worth fighting for today?   They might say things like the homeless, unborn children, widows and orphans, the hungry, those that don’t know Christ.  Choose one of those groups and ask the children to do some research with you on who is leading the fight for this group and who is following?  Ask your children if they want to get involved.  Who knows, your child might be the next leader in your community for this group.

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