Every Bible Miracle For Kids – Paul Healed After Being Stoned

Bible Miracles

Today let’s focus on teaching kids a Bible miracle from the book of Acts.  Paul was miraculously healed after being stoned and left for dead.  (Acts 14:19, 20)

After Paul and Barnabus preached at Lystra, did miracles there and many responded to Christ, things suddenly turned bad for them.

Ask the children?

Who came and stirred up the people against Paul and Barnabus?

“Then some Jews arrived from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowds to their side.(Acts 14:19)

What did they do to Paul?

“They stoned Paul and dragged him out of town, thinking he was dead.” (Acts 14:19)

What miracle happened next?

“But as the believers  gathered around him, he got up and went back into the town. The next day he left with Barnabas for Derbe.”  (Acts 14:20)

Everyone thought Paul was dead.  Maybe he was, the Bible doesn’t say.  Obviously he was at least gravely injured.  But by a miracle of God Paul was completely restored while the believers gathered around him.  He was able to get up and walk back into town and leave on a long journey the next day.

It must have been such an encouragement to the new believers to see how Christ’s miraculous powers could overcome the power of evil.

Ask your kids what evil they see in their world today?  Do they think Christ’s power can overcome this evil? What miracle could Christ do to overcome this evil? Begin praying for that miracle together and see what Christ does.

If you have any comments on this, please feel free to write them below.

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