Explaining “The Trinity” To Children

There are many illustrations to help explain the concept of the Trinity.  First off what is the Trinity.  The Trinity means that God the Father, Jesus the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are all one.

The first illustration has to do with the three forms that water can take-water, gas, and ice.  Even though water, gas, and ice look different and feel different they are still all the same, water.  You can do the experiments on your own or you can watch this video where a woman will show you this concept.


The second illustration often used is the 3-leaf clover.  Each leaf of the clover represents a different part of the clover, but when you put them all together the clover is complete.  In the illustration each leaf represents a different part of God and the clover represents the idea that all three are still the same one God.

The Trinity is hard to understand so illustrations are a great way to explain it because it simplifies it.  Even though it does not explain it perfectly as long as your child has a basic understanding, the details will make sense when they are older.

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