Bible-based Family Camps

Looking for something fun to do with the whole family this summer? Why not check out a Bible-based family camp.  This is a great option because they are relatively inexpensive with meals and room included, tons of activities for the kids, and opportunities for Mom and Dad to rest.  It allows for quality family time away from home, in a safe and fun environment.

There are many options but here are a few.

1. Mount Hermon, near Santa Cruz CA, offers a Christian program with great speakers for the adults, and the tradition camp activities of bonfires, game nights, and ropes courses.  Check out their website for dates, rates, and speakers.

2. Hume Lake, near Fremont CA, also offers a Christian environment with a few more options.  There are family camps during New Years and summer as well as father- daughter, father- son, mother- daughter retreats.  Check out their website for more info.

3. Kanakuk Camp, in Branson MO, has a family camp which is filling up fast.  This camp is designed for families of all ages, with speakers for the parents in the morning, day-care for small children, and games/activities for kids 7-18.  Then in the afternoon the family comes together for activities such as paint-ball, zip-line, and hiking.

Do you know of any other Bible-based family camp? Also, if you have been to one what was the best part? We welcome your thoughts.

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