Fiery Furnace Craft

Fiery Furnace Craft


Daniel 3 is the story of how Daniel and his friends refused to bow down to the King’s statue even though they new the penalty was death through burning in a fiery furnace. The miraculous part of the story is when the men are in the furnace instead of dying they came out of it unhurt and Jesus was seen inside the furnace.

This is a wonderful story to share with kids, especially as a sunday school lesson.  Blessing For Bible School Teachers has provided this awesome craft idea to help kids visualize what was going on in this story.

All you need is:

Paper bag


Multicolor straws.

Red and Orange paper

Have each child cut out a large whole in their paper bag.  Next have them cut out fiery flames out of the red and orange paper.  Finally have them choose a straw to represent each of the men as well as Jesus.  Put it all together and you have a fiery furnace craft!

Thanks Blessing For Bible School Teachers for some great ideas!

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    Love your lesson and craft ideas

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