Free 5 minute Kid’s Devotional, One Year Bible Study – January 2, Genesis 3, “The Lies Of Satan”


This free one year kid’s devotional study thru the Bible is designed to hit the highlights, provide practical application and requires no preparation. If you have a little more time, I encourage you to read the whole section of scripture (Genesis 3) while we focus in on just a few verses in 5 minutes.

Background: God inspired Moses wrote the first five books in the Bible. The very first book, Genesis, emphasizes beginnings. Beginning of the world and mankind, beginning of sin (man’s disobedience to God) and the beginning of God’s special nation.

Probably the saddest chapter in the Bible is Genesis 3.  Man had created Adam and Eve to enjoy a perfect relationship with Him and God had blessed them with everything they needed to live a wonderful life.  But along came Satan to cause Adam and Eve to doubt God’s blessings.

Ask the children…

What was Satan’s first life to Adam and Eve regarding what would happen if they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

“‘You won’t die!’ the serpent replied to the woman.” (Genesis 3:4)

In fact they would die and did.  Their spirits that had been alive to God, were now dead and their bodies would die as well.  What was the second lie?

“God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.” (Genesis 3:5)

The truth was that Adam and Eve were already like God and knowing good and evil could not make them any more like God.  God had told them not to eat from this tree because He had created them to live freely in a love relationship.  The knowledge of good and evil caused them to be begin to operate from a relationship in which they felt they had to earn God’s loven by being good.  What a tragic lie.

Ask your children if they feel they are loved by God without having to earn it?  Where else can they get this love without conditions?   Try to think of any place.  Chances are you can’t.  There is only one place in the universe to find such love and that is from God.  Don’t let the lies of Satan tell you any different.  Read Romans 8:38, 39 to reinforce that truth.

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