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Looking for a fun way to teach your kids about the book of Philippians in the Bible? Why not check out the new book called Hooked On The Book.

It is the story of a young boy name Patrick and his adventures through the Bible. In Philippians Patrick learns about a man named Paul who loves Jesus. He learns that Paul trusts God even when he was in prison for his faith in God.  Paul is writing a letter from prison to encourage some of Jesus’s followers that live in a town called Philippi. He also wants to tell them how God is providing for him even while he is in prison.  Here is a fun poem about Paul encouraging the Philippians.

To the Philippians,

The joy that you bring of Christ’s work in your life,                                                          make’s me sing “Hallelujah!” and forget all my strife. 

I’m stuck her in jail, with guards in my face.                                                                          Rats are gulping my food. Mice are hogging my space. 

There are ants in my beard and bugs on the floor,                                                                   fleas in my bed and wow, how they snore!

But even in prison ever since my arrest,                                                                                         I rejoice in the Lord, for in Him I am blessed!

Love Paul ( Philippians 1:12-14)

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