God Loving Kids: Samuel

God speaks to Samuel

There many kids in the Bible who were obediently and patiently serving God.  Samuel was one of those children who even though he did not understand was listening for God.

1 Samuel 3 tells the story of how Samuel woke up in the middle of the night and heard a voice speak to him.  He thought it was the priest Eli calling him so he went to Eli, and said “Here I am”.  Eli, thinking he was crazy, sent him back to bed.  This happened two more times throughout the night.  Eli realized that it was God who was speaking to Samuel, so he told Samuel to go back to bed and speak to God if God spoke again.  God spoke to Samuel and Samuel spoke with God.

This is a great story to share with your children because it is such a powerful reminder of how God cares for his little children.  God took the time to speak to Samuel! Samuel was probably no older than 9.  Remind your children that even though they are young God can still speak to them.  Encourage them to listen for his voice!

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