Guess My Bible Character

Guess My Bible Character

A great game for church events is Guess My Bible Character.  This game is perfect for an ice breaker or just as a fun activity!

Here is how you play.

First, decide one person who will be the leader.  Then have everyone else pick a Bible character.  They will all secretly tell the leader which character they are.

Next, have everyone sit in a circle.  The leader will read off the list of all the characters that people have chosen.  So begin with the first person and have them choose someone else in the group and guess their character.

Example: 1st person, Joey- “Susan is your character Moses?”

If Susan’s character is Moses then she will go join Joey’s team.  Joey’s team will then get to guess again.

If Susan is not Moses then Joey’s turn will be over and the next person in the circle will go.

The point of this game is to try to have the most people on your team, which means you have to guess their characters.

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