Helping Kids Relate To Bible Characters



Sure this mom wasn’t thrilled about the mud messing up her kitchen floor, but she could at least take comfort in the fact her kid was referencing the bible character in Genesis named Joseph. So the question is, what can we do to encourage a kid to relate to the bible characters? Here are 3 easy ways.

1. Bring the bible characters and their stories into a kids everyday life.  Talk about  them as you work side by side with them or play with them. Make them part of your everyday  normal conversation.

2. Remember the bible characters were real people with real emotions. Talk to your kids about those emotions. Imagine the pain of being Joseph and being stuck as a slave and then years later being a leader in Egypt. How did that feel? What was he thinking during that time?

3. Relate the bible characters to a kids real world. I wonder how tall he or she was? How did he learn? Was he home schooled or did he have any formal training at all?  Did the bible character have chores? Relate anything that helps make them more real to the kids.

Finally remember if the bible characters are interesting to you, your enthusiasm will be the framework that helps the kids get excited.

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