How One Kid Takes A Crazy Situation And Turns It Into A Blessing

Cartoon- Kid's Attitude

Cartoon- Kid's Attitude

Feeling sorry for the younger brother in this picture? His sister is prideful  in the name of being spiritual. What’s a little brother to do when he has a sister like this? How about turn this crazy situation into a blessing by learning some important truths about what real spirituality looks like. Here are some things he could learn.

  1. Just because someone says they are spiritual doesn’t mean anything. Listen and watch how they live their life.
  2. If someone is ranking on a chart how mature they are, that really shows how immature they are.  Bragging and maturity don’t go together.
  3. If someone won’t listen to you and have empathy maybe I should go find someone else to talk to.
  4. When I know my toy is broken, and my sister is a pain and not going to help me figure out how it got broken. Maybe I should  figure out how to fix it instead of spending all my time trying to find who to blame.

In God’s kingdom it is all about blessing. Have empathy for our kids but empower them with the blessing that they can turn any crazy situations  into something good. Help them figure out the good things they can learn from these situations that will bless them for life.

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