Here Are Some Ways To Make The Entry To Your Children’s Ministry Friendly



Have you ever thought to yourself when you visited a church, “This place isn’t very friendly”.  Here are some ways we think will improve your church’s image especially when it comes to children’s ministry.

1. Make it easy to find the children’s department with well posted signs. There is nothing like a clean large sign to make finding your way around so much easier.

2. A fresh coat of paint in the children’s department is also very welcome. Some churches have old murals that were fresh at one point but now have lost their spunk. Be free to paint over them and update the room with changing theme related decorations. Rotating decorations brings variety and kids love variety.

3. One church that we went to always had a man downstairs that just greeted the kids and their families when them came to children’s department. What a friendly addition to a hectic moment. He was also great at helping directing families.

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