How To Help Kids To Have Healthy Friendships

Healthy Friendships

Here are 5 ideas to help kids have healthy friendships:

  1. Model healthy friendships in your life. Talk openly about the things that you are learning in your friendships. Help them to see that God wants us to learn and grow in our friendships, it isn’t only about having fun together.
  2. Help them to see that most friendships are a process. Putting yourself out there to meet people. Then getting to know these people, their good and bad parts. Being committed to making time for each other.
  3. Let them know they can change friendships if someone is not treating them nicely.  If Susie is jealous of Carrie and as a result she is always makes cutting jokes about her when she is around. Carrie might want to take a time out on that friendship and find other friends that don’t treat her that way. Help your kids to think through what they want in a friendship and that they can make the choice to make the changes to get what they want. Our job isn’t to do the work but ask the right questions that gets them thinking. They don’t need their parent to intervene unless the child is being threatened with physical violence.
  4. Check out love and logic parenting materials for tons of ways to parent our kids so they have an overall healthy life.
  5. Help them work at being the kind of friend that they would want to have. This way they are focusing on what they can control and not the other person.

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