Learn How To Do Comics Books For God At The International Christian Comic Book Festival

Ever thought of encouraging your kids to become a comic book artist that uses their gift for evangelism. Well we found out that there is an organization that is doing just that.

The vision was set forth by award-winning comic book artist, animation designer and painter Nestor Redondo. Since January of 1996 groups of people from all different countries have attending his 5 day Christian Comic Training Conference. The most recent one was a three day event in Quebec, Canada.

The goal is to pass a vision on to artists that they can develop their craft with excellence and use it to the glory of God. Although Nestor Redondo is no longer alive, he left a detailed outline on the subject of realistic comic book illustration for his main teaching session. All of the attendees at the conference receive a complete copy. Check out the website Christiancomicsinternational.org for an condensed version of Nestor Redondo’s article.

Also when you visit Christiancomicsinternational.org see the previous training sessions. Speaking for myself as a cartoonist I would have loved to have had this support when I was younger. Finding fellow Christians cartoonists would have been wonderful.

Hope you encourage your kids to use their gifts for God’s glory whatever they may be. Help them find the support of other Christians in their profession.

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