The Story Of Jeremiah The Prophet- A Free Bible- Based Movie On You Tube

We love for everyone to have a better understanding of the characters that are in the Bible. How God used these people in their era despite themselves. Many of them start out so strong loving God only to fall away later in their life. A few of them like Jeremiah the prophet are faithful their whole life.

Obviously these are only movies and not 100% accurate but we think that anything that helps us dialogue about these characters is good. Also watching them will get your family into the Bible to see how much of the movie is correct.

Take for example the free story of Jeremiah the prophet now on You Tube. Yes it is a dated version but it will get your family talking. This movie is for mature children as it deals with all aspects of Jeremiah the prophet’s life. This dramatic performance really helps you understand the suffering that Jeremiah went through to be obedient to God. How he risked his life to be obedient to God and to save the Jewish nation. Most people know so little about Jeremiah, it will be helpful to get them them thinking about him and what it would be like to be a prophet from the Bible.

Why not check out the free Jeremiah the prophet movie on You Tube and help your family grow in their Bible knowledge.

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