Jeroboam – Teaching Kids Life Learnings From Bible Characters, no. 53

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What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Jeroboam?

Context (1 Kings 11:26-14:20):  Jeroboam was a man that God had skilled with leadership.  Solomon recognized this and put him in charge of a portion of the building of God’s temple.  God told Jeroboam through a prophet that God would take away the kingdom from the Solomon’s family because of Solomon’s disobedience and would make Jeroboam become the next King of the 10 northern tribes.  The only thing Jeroboam needed to do was to remain faithful to God.

Key Life Learnings:

Don’t take God’s blessings for granted (1 Kings 12:25-33):  Even though God was faithful and did what He had promised to Jeroboam and put him on the throne, Jeroboam did not honor God.  He led his people in worshipping idols and turning their backs on God who had blessed them.  As a result God eventually took away the kingdom from Jeroboam and wiped out all of Jeroboam’s family.

Most of us have been so blessed by God.  It is easy for us to take all these blessings for granted and to focus on the things that bother us in life rather than to thank God for all He has given us.  Let’s look for some opportunities today to praise God for His blessings.  Why not write a comment here and thank God so others can see it too.

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